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Outsourcers have a very unique set of challenges. We created our software with those challenges in mind.

BPO Software

We Know BPOs

We understand that managing the quality for one customer is difficult, but managing the quality for a number of customers is a specific BPO challenge. TantaComm’s Software enables you to track quality for each of your clients, while giving you a summarized picture across all of your centers.

Multi-Customer Support Multi-Customer Support
Easy Set-Up Easy Set-Up

Multi-Tenant Infrastructure

TantaComm is multi-tenant, allowing you to segregate your customers to allow for ease of call recording set up. Our multi-tenant infrastructure also features individual monitoring, scoring, and reporting for each location.

Collaborative Views and Notes Collaborative Views and Notes
Save as Work In Progress Save as Work In Progress


Show both recorded audio and screen along with notes for the scorecards. Preview agent notes taken during a call simultaneously while playing back the call. Supervisor notes can be added at any point on the call timeline to tag a comment at an instant or over a time period on the call. Your environment is busy, supervisors are working on multiple customers and can stop and pick up where they left off with notes to remind them.

Integrated Interaction and Evaluation Integrated Interaction and Evaluation

Ease of Evaluations for Supervisors

All interaction media is aggregated onto a single-screen call details page, allowing supervisors to playback calls, view synchronized recorded screens and chat archive while performing the evaluation.

Permission-Based Views Permission-Based Views

Collaborate and Share

Selectively share quality reports and trends by using client logins. Clients can drill down to team results, but individual supervisors and agents are not exposed. Pleasing many customers is a challenge, permission-based access allows you to quickly target each customer's requests.

Calibration Integrity Calibration Integrity

Build Customer Trust

Sophisticated QM software has the capability to handle multiple Evaluators. The blind calibration feature lets you share lists of scored events while keeping score integrity. This builds trust with your customers and demonstrates a high level of quality.

Feature-Rich Feature-Rich
Great Price Point Great Price Point

Win New Business

Beat the competition by using TantaComm to win new business! Our outsourcer customers regularly use our feature-rich software as a point of difference in ROI calculations when responding to new business.

Multi-Channel Integration Multi-Channel Integration

Score Across Multiple Channels

Track quality across every interaction channel, from call recording only clients to multi-channel support. If one of your customers offers call recording only and the next deploys every channel, no problem. TantaComm is designed to track quality across all customer interaction channels.

Customizable Scorecards Customizable Scorecards

Scorecards with Unlimited Sections, Questions, and Answers

Not all customers are alike. One may want to know how agents are interacting with their customers. One may focus on compliance while another focuses on upselling. They may be inbound only or inbound and outbound. It doesn't matter to us. With our software, you can build, queue, and search the exact scorecards you need for each customer's unique requirements.

Unlimited Capacity Unlimited Capacity

Multiple Sites, Unlimited Users

Our cloud-based software means you can have as many users as you need, anywhere in the world.

Scorecards Built by Industry Experts Scorecards Built by Industry Experts

Pre-Built Compliance Scorecards

Use our pre-built scorecards on their own or as a piece of a larger scorecard. To further help with compliance requirements, the scoring supports "not applicable" answers and total fail for critical elements.