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Compliance Managers

We know compliance managers have a critical and challenging role for the business, assuming responsibility for proactively addressing compliance while avoiding fines, fees, and loss of business due to oversights.

Compliance Managers

TantaComm for Compliance Managers

TantaComm's compliance call, screen, recording along with quality management helps you easily identify when and where a breach has occurred. Non-compliant events are flagged so that immediate attention can be given to the agent or process as needed allowing you to keep on top of regulations and avoid penalties.

Personalized Service Personalized Service

White Glove Support

Talk to a super smart person who knows your account. TantaComm's white glove treatment means you get a friendly, responsive, US-based team, 24x7 via phone, chat or email.

Proof of Adherence Proof of Adherence

Support Clean Desk Policies

Feel confident that your agents have the right applications open on their desktop while they are on calls. TantaComm empowers you to monitor Agent desktop activity and supply proof of adherence to your customers for their peace of mind.

Powerful Search Engine Powerful Search Engine

Find Calls Quickly

When an interaction needs to be located quickly, TantaComm has a powerful search engine that allows you to quickly search and locate a call by any type of metadata. Get to the interactions you need quickly to resolve compliance concerns immediately.

Compliance Coaching Compliance Coaching

Compliance Failure Details

Drill down to view compliance failure details for immediate action. Read the supervisor's comments and listen to the customer interaction right in the scorecard. It's easy to take remedial action and coach out the problems.

Immediate Alerts Immediate Alerts
Alert Reports Alert Reports

Breach Alerts

It's essential that you know immediately should you have a compliance failure. TantaComm sends an email to an agent or supervisor as soon as a compliance question is missed, with the full details. Using our Quality Management software, TantaComm can help you reduce your risk profile.

Easy Recording Easy Recording
Start/Stop Buttons Start/Stop Buttons

Compliance Masking

Conceal sensitive customer information disclosed during the recording of voice and screen interactions. All sensitive information is rendered unplayable and inaccessible by any member of the organization. Our Compliance module supports PCI, HIPAA, and other accepted compliance standards. Agents can easily mask sensitive information with an agent start/stop button and custom timeout.

Easy Pass/Fail KPI Data Easy Pass/Fail KPI Data

Pass/Fail Rates

Easy access and reporting on your compliance error rate. Put in any date range, and it will give your compliance pass/fail rate, which makes reporting and meeting prep so much easier.

Robust Desktop and Screen Integration Robust Desktop and Screen Integration

Manage Compliance with Procedures

Gain insight into the desktop habits of your agents, even while they are not on calls, with screen recording and get a complete view of the interactions your agents have with your customers. TantaComm's Quality Management tools allow you to evaluate both the agent's screen activity and the recorded customer interactions simultaneously to ensure adherence to compliance requirements.