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Contact Center Supervisors and Quality Managers use our software to measure and improve the customer experience delivered by agents.

Contact Centers

Software for Contact Centers

Empower your contact center supervisors to coach effectively and increase efficiency in the interaction review process. Help your team be proactive with immediate compliance failure alerts. Use call and screen drill downs to view critical details to evaluate agents and improve performance assessments.

Automated Workflow Engine Automated Workflow Engine

No More Cherry Picking

Most coaching programs barely reach a valid sample size, even with the best intentions. Cherry picking is a tactic used to locate and score interactions based on the preference of the evaluator. Our Quality Management system allows you to create automated or manual workflows to ensure that evaluators are not cherry picking and you are receiving better data about your contact center.

Automatic Notifications Automatic Notifications

Quickly Manage Agents

Quality Management will send exception notifications based on thresholds you identify to highlight areas of improvement. Quickly highlight areas of improvement with exception notifications or showcase positive performance to motivate and reward staff.

Collaborative Annotations Collaborative Annotations

Give Your Supervisors Their Time Back

TantaComm helps you save time every day – it allows you to manage by exception, you'll do fewer one-to-ones because it flags who needs attention. The coaching meetings are shorter because agent and supervisor notes are blended into one evaluation, everybody knows exactly which issues need to be fixed.

Reporting Ad Hoc Reporting

Drive Decisions with Data

Create meaningful executive or team reporting and presentations with our pre-built reports, by designing your own, or by importing data into your existing Business Intelligence software.

Built-In Data Aggregation Built-In Data Aggregation

Quality Management Snapshots

If you use scoresheets in Word or unwieldy Excel spreadsheets, it can take hours to do a monthly QA report. With TantaComm's Quality Management software, you can see all of your aggregated data in one consistent, easy-to-read report, with the ability to drill down to the agent and call-related detail.

Compliance and System Failure Alerts Compliance and System Failure Alerts

Real-Time Compliance Alerts

Reduce your risk of compliance failures with real-time alerts to administrators, supervisors and compliance managers. Confidence comes from knowing all of your interactions are being reported and that agent performance meets compliance parameters. TantaComm's call and screen recording system will alert you to both performance and system failures.

Intuitive Scorecard Build Intuitive Scorecard Build
Easy Version Control Easy Version Control

Customizable Scorecards

Based on customer experience best practices, our scorecard is among the best in the industry. Our scorecard wizard allows you to quickly and easily customize or modify scorecards as your needs change. The system also manages version control and historical information.

Powerful Search Engine Powerful Search Engine
Secure and Customizable Playback Views Secure and Customizable Playback Views

Find Calls Quickly

Increase efficiency and verify transactions by using our quick and easy search to access to your calls. Customize views to see only the information you want, and use powerful searching and filtering to quickly find the interactions you need.

Dedicated Customer Success Manager Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Easy to Use

Don't worry about getting the hang of a whole new system with new functionality. You will receive white glove service with multiple training options and a dedicated Customer Success Manager assigned to your account.